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If you are looking to get into property or expand your existing property investment portfolio, then you have come to the right place. Property Investment Experts is your one stop shop for all matters related to property investment. Whether you are looking for capital gains, cashflow, or both, Property Investment Experts can help you source and gain access to exclusive, favourable and market leading investment opportunities within property.


Property Investment Experts (PIE) was founded to help both new buy to let investors as well as experienced buy to let investors to access and source excellent investment opportunities throughout the UK and beyond.

Achieving fantastic results for its clients, Property Investment Experts has grown a portfolio of investors who can jump quickly at exceptional property investment opportunities, due to our network and connections.


What is The Minimum Investment?

Most investment opportunities we look at are £50,000 or more. Most lenders require a minimum deposit from the investor of 20%. Therefore the minimum sum you are likely to need to invest will be £12,500.

What is The Minimum I Can Invest?

Most investments we look at are worth £50,000 or more and this is due to lenders appetite for lending as well as rental demands for the property thereafter. Consequently it is rare that a property below £50,000 is considered.

Where Should I Invest?

The UK generally is widely deemed a safe and stable property marketplace with steady property valuations and sustainable growth. At different times, there are investment hotspots to consider when investing.

Can I Ask Questions?

Yes absolutely, that is what we are here for. We work closely with investors throughout the property sourcing, acquisition and letting process. As a client all such benefits are available to you.


It is never possible to guarantee the savings each investor or investment will achieve, however, Property Investment Experts are constantly in search of and on the lookout for investment opportunities to bring forward to its investors.

In some instances, Property Investment Experts have been able to achieve savings of around £15,000 or 20% against the properties market value, boosting the investor’s yield considerably and bolstering the capital growth from day one.


Property Investment Experts offer fair and transparent pricing for its services. Property sourcing for investment is priced at just £3,000 per property. Some investors look to buy 1 and others 30 or even 100 buy to lets and we will work with you throughout this journey at the same fixed fee each time.


Property Investment Experts works closely with related services providers such as solicitors, estate agents, letting agents, property managers, property maintenance companies, local trades, mortgage brokers, insurers, accountants and financial advisors.

As a client of Property Investment Experts you unlock exclusive access to our contacts for great rates and VIP customer service.

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