Property Investment Experts is a leading provider of property investment opportunities who works with property investors, consortiums, companies, business owners, landlords and private individuals who already or want to invest into property.

Property Investment Experts work closely and discretely with each investor on a personal basis to ensure open and honest conversations flow to enable Property Investment Experts to work and act in accordance with your aims and goals.

Property Investment Experts welcome conversations with investors who have a minimum of £20,000 at your disposal to cover the investment, sourcing fee, legal costs, stamp duty land tax, in addition to any works needed to the property, if applicable.

If your nest egg is currently below the £20,000 marker, we welcome you to continue saving and to get back in contact once you have at least £20,000 in cleared funds. Any less than £20,000 could place pressures upon you financially to afford property investment, although, we do welcome conversations sooner to make plans.

Property Investment Experts work with many professional investors and are generally nice to deal with business and individuals. If you or a colleague are rude or unreasonable with us as a business or our team, then you will be turned away and refused from becoming a customer.