Property Investment Planning


Becoming a landlord is an exciting opportunity and with great power, comes great responsibility. Property Investment Experts will work with you on your education, development and answer any questions you may have related to property investment. 

Owning a property business trading in buy to let properties is a business.

Not all investors have owned, managed or ran a business before and Property Investment Experts will help you bridge the gaps on where you are currently in terms of experience and knowledge to becoming a buy to let property business owner.

There are many factors to consider and be made aware of when it comes to buy to let investment and this will take time to set up, get into motion and manage thereafter.

That said, a property business in the form of buy to let is one of the easier businesses to own. With service providers and your capital invested doing most of the work for you.

To ensure you start off on the correct path, Property Investment Experts offers investors such as yourself a personal property investment planning experience for just £3,000.

This is a one time investment from yourself to Property Investment Experts and it is designed to ensure you have the greatest chance of success in property.

The Property Investment Planning session will require around 4 hours of your time and refreshments are provided throughout the planning session to ensure you are replenished throughout.