Property Investment Experts provides specialist property sourcing services to new and experienced property investors. Most of the property investment opportunities are over £50,000 and usually up to £250,000 although if an opportunity comes up outside of those parameters, as a client of ours, you will receive access to such opportunities.

The majority of properties we are offered, look for and are in connection with are UK based properties, although overseas properties do come up and are available to be bought by buy to let investors as well.

The main principles from Property Investment Experts are to ensure the numbers stack up financially in terms of return on investment for an investor. Property Investment Experts take an unemotional view upon investment opportunities as the main focus is the financial merits.

You can become a client of Property Investment Experts from just £3,000 per property sourced. We have a pool of investors we work with and many connections who provide us with access to properties before they go to the general marketplace or excellent rates on properties for our valued investors.

Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

  • When Am I Charged The £3,000?

    As a customer of ours, you are charged £3,000 per property sourced upfront and in exchange you receive credits for the number of properties we source for you. This is to avoid us waiting for or being delayed with payments. 

  • What Happens if I Do Not Complete On The Property?
    If you do not buy or complete a property purchase, we will work with you to source another investment opportunity. 

  • Is There An Additional Cost To Replace One Opportunity with Another?
    No, this is provided free of charge. Very simply, 1 property completion consumes 1 of your property sourcing credits.

  • How Many Property Sourcing Credits Do I Receive for £30,000?
    A £30,000 payment from you as the investor to Property Investment Experts would result in you being rewarded with 10 property sourcing credits.

  • Is There A Limit To The Number of Properties You Can Source?
    Yes, there are only so many opportunities at any given time, that said, there are many opportunities we have made available to us on a daily and weekly basis.